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大优势4 big advantage

NO.1Royal luxury raw materialsRaw materials - from the rare and rare luxury, true, true

Royal Tianshicheng,material to natural precious raw materials mainly, various rare and precious stones, semi precious stones, crystal, agate, fossils, jade, natural stone and so on. The choice of materials, we should not only strive for precious natural, according to the different quality of the stone, designed to create impressions of the same outstanding but different styles of products, all kinds of precious raw materials have their unique color, texture, and characteristics of, only to choose the most appropriate pure raw materials to create a valuable works of art.

  • 宝石生产车间Semi precious stones
  • 宝石板块厂Petrified wood

NO.2Inheritance . Profound . Excellent . TechnologyTechnology - inheritance and the perfect combination of modern professional, concentrate, focus, expertise

Royal Tianshicheng brand with pure craft tradition, in all of the most intensive processing technology, day shicheng professional technicians of inheritance and carry forward the traditional production technology advantages, into the modern high-tech.

NO.3500 high-end decoration works
Gem custom experienceStyle of the distinguished and unique creative style, unique, luxurious, noble and unique

Days shicheng and cooperation of the world's most creative designers, gather many countries more than one hundred kinds of precious stone, tailored exclusive your unique, creative, noble, luxury, fashion. Days shicheng gem board and the perfect combination of light, make the texture more vivid, more rich simple sense.


NO.4Zero risk commitment

Zero risk commitment

  • 出货前严格比对样板

    Pre shipment strictly matching model

  • 专业包装及安装指导建议

    Professional packaging and installation

Zero risk commitment

  • 物流范围覆盖国内外

    Logistics coverage at home and abroad

  • 货到验收,路途损坏由厂家负责

    Professional design team


Foshan GuDun Wang Decoration Materials Co., Ltd.'s high-end brand "Tian Shicheng Royal gemstone slabs" is only one set of research and development, production and sales of an integrated manufacturer, the company's main raw materials mainly precious stones, precious stones, semi-precious stones, natural crystal, agate, luxurious natural stone, blocks, agate stone, Decoration, petrified wood, lapis lazuli plate, Tiger Eye sheet, plate agate semi-precious stones, fossils plate, natural crystal plate, sheet malachite, jasper gemstone plates, etc., On the choice of materials, we not only strive to precious natural, but vary depending on the quality of the material, but also outstanding design to create the perception of different styles of products, a variety of raw materials have a variety of unique textures and colors, features, day fortress - In pure craft tradition inheritance so far, in all the most sophisticated processing technology, the days of fortress heritage professional technicians and carry forward the traditional European craftsmanship unique advantages, into the modern high-tech assistance, make the product even more remarkable craft exquisite, perfect, luxurious , unique, natural, non-radiation, practical, making Tian Shicheng building materials brands have elsewhere can not look up to professional quality;


High quality of decoration project Quality is not to become the number one issue?

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